My Haircare Routine

Being back at uni is kinda crazy – so much stuff is going on! I’ve only been back for about 5 days, but it feels like I never left. So much is going on, but I am determined to keep posting on the days that I’ve said that I will!

Haircare 1

I was washing my hair this morning when I realised that I’ve never reviewed any haircare products on my blog. Unlike makeup (which I only started using regularly recently), I have always loved looking after my hair – even though I don’t use straighteners or a curling wand – and so I have built up quite a lot of products that I love to use!

Haircare 2

Starting off with my shampoo and conditioner (as seen in my Boots Mini-Haul) – I use Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer which is amazing! It really nourishes my hair, and makes it so sleek and shiny. It also smells like chocolate, which is definitely a plus in my book! I have been using this brand for about a year now, and I’m still loving it – often I have to change what I’m using throughout the year, but these are still going strong! Would definitely recommend!

Haircare 3

The other products I don’t always use, but they are very useful. The Trevor Sorbie Straight Smoothing Balm (£5.59) is a spray that I use before blow drying my hair (which I don’t do very often). It is a heat protective spray that helps to smooth frizzy hair when it’s blow-dried. It’s really useful, and can be used when straightening or curling hair as well.

The Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm (£6.00) is particularly good for dry hair – it is a hair mask that I use the day that I have washed my hair (I only wash my hair twice a week) – it helps it to last longer between washes, and keeps it looking nice and smooth during the winter. I’ve used this for a couple of years now, and I love it! The Umberto Giannini Perfect Beauty Finishing Cream (pictured on their website, but unavailable on Boots) is something I use very rarely – only when my hair is very frizzy after being washed. It helps to smoothen and set a style that you have created. I don’t know if it will become available again – I really hope that it does!

Have you guys used any of these products? What would you recommend as autumn/winter haircare essentials?

Hope you have a beautiful day,

Becca x


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