What’s In My (Uni) Bag?

What's In My (Uni) Bag-

My final year at university officially starts today! (Although my classes don’t actually start until tomorrow). So, I decided to show you guys what I lug about in my satchel (yes, I use a satchel) on a daily basis whilst I’m here. I got the idea to do this post from Jessica-Anne at The Lawyer Look, who did her version of this post last week – so go check it out!!


Here is everything that I cram into my bag (which itself I bought two years ago at TK Maxx for about £25 I think):

  • Pencil case – from Paperchase, I have had this as long as I have had my satchel, so since I started uni. It fits everything I need in; couple of pens, pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, memory stick, and about 15 sharpies!
  • Planner – I have used the Palgrave Student Planner every year that I have been at uni; it is specifically designed for students, and has space for just about everything that you would need! (It’s available on Amazon).
  • Notebooks – I can be carrying up to six of these at any time, but more often than not I only take a couple (it’s easier for me to focus on two modules in a day than all of them!). The ones pictured are new purchases from Paperchase (although I can’t find them for sale online) – I think it cost £6 for the pack of two.
  • Purse – This was a birthday present that I got for my nineteenth birthday; however I know that it is from TK Maxx (seriously love that shop for bags & purses!). I love it, it fits everything in neatly, and goes with all of my bags!
  • Umbrella – I’ve always been one for being prepared for anything, and I never leave without an umbrella in my bag (especially now I’ve moved up north for uni!). This one was a birthday present from a friend, and I love the little ‘Raining Cats & Dogs’ theme that it has!
  • Lists – I need lists! The white card is my weekly reading list, and the yellow card is my daily to-do list – without these I would be lost!


  • Makeup bag – Last, but by no means least, is my makeup bag! This one is new for this year (my old one was falling apart), and I bought it last week in Boots for £6. Today it contains:

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post; I know that it’s a little bit different from what I normally post, so tell me what you thought!

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x


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