Halloween Playlist

Halloween Playlist

I’ve been running this blog for nearly two months now, and I haven’t really focused on my other love – music – at all. As the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting spookier, I thought that it would be nice to do a post about the music that I listen to at Halloween. Obviously, everyone has a Christmas playlist, but I’m willing to bet that most people do not have a Halloween playlist (at least I’ve never met anyone else who loves spooky-themed music quite as much as me!). I love Halloween, and the music just makes it even better for me, so here we go with my playlist!

  • Kasabian – Ghostbusters (Cover)
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Time Warp
  • The Cranberries – Zombie
  • Jen Titus – Oh Death
  • Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London
  • Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween (Cover)
  • The Pretty Reckless – Zombie
  • AC/DC – Highway to Hell
  • Blue Öyster Cult – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
  • Pop Evil – Deal With The Devil
  • Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf
  • McFly – Transylvania
  • Styx – Renegade
  • Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Ministry – Everyday is Halloween
  • Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party
  • Dead Kennedys – Halloween
  • Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love (Cover)
  • The Police – Every Breath You Take
  • Evanescence – Bring Me To Life
  • Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
  • TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me
  • The White Stripes – Little Ghost
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll
  • Franz Ferdinand – Evil Eye
  • Hot Chip – Dark and Stormy
  • Echo and The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
  • The Cramps – Human Fly
  • Muse – Sing For Absolution
  • The Hives – Blood Red Moon
  • The Kills – Superstition
  • The Cure – Lullaby
  • Charlie Simpson – Cemetery
  • Arcade Fire – Afterlife
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege
  • Panic! At The Disco – This Is Halloween (Cover)

If you want to listen to this playlist on YouTube click here.

I know there are many other songs that are related to Halloween, but these are my favourites – what songs do you listen to at this time of year?

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x


Lovely Blog Award #3

Lovely Blog Award #3

A massive thank you to Robyn from Lipstick on the Lake for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award – I can’t believe that I’ve been nominated for this award for the third time now; it means so much that people like reading my blog, and it always feels amazing when I get a nomination! I love Robyn’s blog, and you should all go and check it out!

Again, the rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. List the rules and display the award
  3. Add 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 10 – 15 bloggers for the award, and comment on one of their posts to let them know

So, this time my seven facts are:

  • I am really bad at making myself go to bed at the right time; as an example I am currently writing this in advance at 2am…
  • I am incredibly socially awkward – I moved into my new room at uni last Saturday, and I’ve not actually introduced myself to most of my corridor yet!
  • I love baking, but I hardly ever do it as my sister is amazing at it, but very bad at working with someone else in the kitchen!
  • The first concert I ever went to was Fall Out Boy on their Save Rock And Roll tour about eighteen months ago – it was absolutely amazing, and I’d love to see them live again one day!
  • I love going to quiz nights with my friends – I know a lot of random things, and quizzes are the one time when they actually seem useful!
  • I have absolutely no idea what sort of job I want to have once I graduate in July – it’s completely terrifying!
  • I would love to work as a camp counselor in the US this summer before I get a ‘real’ job – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I think this might be the right time to do it!

I love the fact that Robyn nominated her most recent followers for this award, so I am going to do the same! My nominations are:

Thank you so much for following me! You are all lovely and I hope that you enjoy doing a post on the award!

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x

My Haircare Routine

Being back at uni is kinda crazy – so much stuff is going on! I’ve only been back for about 5 days, but it feels like I never left. So much is going on, but I am determined to keep posting on the days that I’ve said that I will!

Haircare 1

I was washing my hair this morning when I realised that I’ve never reviewed any haircare products on my blog. Unlike makeup (which I only started using regularly recently), I have always loved looking after my hair – even though I don’t use straighteners or a curling wand – and so I have built up quite a lot of products that I love to use!

Haircare 2

Starting off with my shampoo and conditioner (as seen in my Boots Mini-Haul) – I use Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer which is amazing! It really nourishes my hair, and makes it so sleek and shiny. It also smells like chocolate, which is definitely a plus in my book! I have been using this brand for about a year now, and I’m still loving it – often I have to change what I’m using throughout the year, but these are still going strong! Would definitely recommend!

Haircare 3

The other products I don’t always use, but they are very useful. The Trevor Sorbie Straight Smoothing Balm (£5.59) is a spray that I use before blow drying my hair (which I don’t do very often). It is a heat protective spray that helps to smooth frizzy hair when it’s blow-dried. It’s really useful, and can be used when straightening or curling hair as well.

The Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm (£6.00) is particularly good for dry hair – it is a hair mask that I use the day that I have washed my hair (I only wash my hair twice a week) – it helps it to last longer between washes, and keeps it looking nice and smooth during the winter. I’ve used this for a couple of years now, and I love it! The Umberto Giannini Perfect Beauty Finishing Cream (pictured on their website, but unavailable on Boots) is something I use very rarely – only when my hair is very frizzy after being washed. It helps to smoothen and set a style that you have created. I don’t know if it will become available again – I really hope that it does!

Have you guys used any of these products? What would you recommend as autumn/winter haircare essentials?

Hope you have a beautiful day,

Becca x

What’s In My (Uni) Bag?

What's In My (Uni) Bag-

My final year at university officially starts today! (Although my classes don’t actually start until tomorrow). So, I decided to show you guys what I lug about in my satchel (yes, I use a satchel) on a daily basis whilst I’m here. I got the idea to do this post from Jessica-Anne at The Lawyer Look, who did her version of this post last week – so go check it out!!


Here is everything that I cram into my bag (which itself I bought two years ago at TK Maxx for about £25 I think):

  • Pencil case – from Paperchase, I have had this as long as I have had my satchel, so since I started uni. It fits everything I need in; couple of pens, pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, memory stick, and about 15 sharpies!
  • Planner – I have used the Palgrave Student Planner every year that I have been at uni; it is specifically designed for students, and has space for just about everything that you would need! (It’s available on Amazon).
  • Notebooks – I can be carrying up to six of these at any time, but more often than not I only take a couple (it’s easier for me to focus on two modules in a day than all of them!). The ones pictured are new purchases from Paperchase (although I can’t find them for sale online) – I think it cost £6 for the pack of two.
  • Purse – This was a birthday present that I got for my nineteenth birthday; however I know that it is from TK Maxx (seriously love that shop for bags & purses!). I love it, it fits everything in neatly, and goes with all of my bags!
  • Umbrella – I’ve always been one for being prepared for anything, and I never leave without an umbrella in my bag (especially now I’ve moved up north for uni!). This one was a birthday present from a friend, and I love the little ‘Raining Cats & Dogs’ theme that it has!
  • Lists – I need lists! The white card is my weekly reading list, and the yellow card is my daily to-do list – without these I would be lost!


  • Makeup bag – Last, but by no means least, is my makeup bag! This one is new for this year (my old one was falling apart), and I bought it last week in Boots for £6. Today it contains:

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post; I know that it’s a little bit different from what I normally post, so tell me what you thought!

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x

BareMinerals Blemish Ready Foundation | Review

I recently got a free sample of the new BareMinerals Blemish Ready Foundation thanks to a promotion being run on the BareMinerals UK Facebook page that finishes at the end of October. You just answer the questions, get a coupon for a free sample of a type of foundation, print it out, and take it to any BareMinerals counter to get the sample. This is my first ever BareMinerals product, and I really like it – I’m very glad because I’ve wanted to try their stuff out for ages and it definitely lived up to my expectations!


The sample pot contains enough product for 2-3 full uses, and comes with a mini-brush that should be used with the product.

I found that the brush is a bit useless – the bristles all started falling out when I was using it. I think it’s just a bit small to be an effective foundation brush.

The product itself is great; I’ve never used a powder foundation before, but I did like this one (not sure if I’ll buy it as I prefer liquid foundations). The coverage provided is good and can easily be built up (as long as you use a decent brush!) – and I was colour matched well. The powder is very fine, and feels weightless on the skin.

I applied it over a layer of Benefit’s POREfessional primer – it lasted an entire day at work without reapplication (about 7 hours), however some of my blemishes were visible again after about 4/5 hours – I just wanted to see how long it would last for this review. The coverage was better on the parts of my face without blemishes (a little disappointing from a product designed to mask blemishes).

However, I would recommend this product to a friend – it is very good and feels great on the skin, it is also very easy to apply and build the coverage. I would like to try more of BareMinerals’ products as well – possibly a liquid foundation, and some of their eyeshadows look nice too.

I’m glad that I got a voucher for a product that I would not have thought of buying, it let me try something new without having to spend an exorbitant amount on a product that I wasn’t sure about. I will probably use the rest of the sample with my normal liquid foundation – it just doesn’t feel right to me without!

I hope some of you in the UK take advantage of this promotion whilst it’s on – tell me what you got if you’ve already done it!

Hope you have a beautiful day,

Becca x

The Sweater Weather Tag

The Sweater Weather Tag

I’ve been seeing this post around a lot lately, and I thought that it would be fun to do it myself, as I love autumn and everything that goes with it!

What is your favourite candle scent?

I don’t light candles all that often, and my sister prefers diffusers as she’s scared of open flames, however I do love the Red Velvet Cake candle from Yankee Candles – it smells exactly like the cake, and it’s just so good!

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

I do like tea, however drinking anything with caffeine in (at any time of day) will stop me from sleeping at night (it’s ridiculous) – so I tend to drink a lot of hot chocolate when I’m cold.

What’s the best fall memory you have?

When I was little, our village had a bonfire & fireworks display every Bonfire Night, and it was so much fun – however it got too expensive to run, so they don’t do it any more. I remember the parade through the village in the evening, with the Scouts and Guides carrying burning torches that they then threw on a pile of wood and old furniture when we got to the field. It was so much fun, and something that I really miss.

What’s your favourite book that you’ve read this fall?

Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin – it’s an older one of his that is set on Mississippi riverboats during the 1800s, oh and it’s a vampire story!

Which makeup trend do you prefer; dark lips or winged eyeliner?

Dark lips, definitely – I just love how they look, and I have a huge list of lipsticks that I want to buy this autumn!

Best fragrance for fall?

I only really wear one perfume, but I think it’s a good autumn scent – Dot by Marc Jacobs.

Favourite Thanksgiving food?

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, but we do celebrate Bonfire Night, and the food you eat then is great! I particularly love toffee apples and toasted marshmallows!

What is autumn weather like where you live?

Early autumn is generally quite nice and warm, and then it gets colder, but stays fairly dry – nice crisp mornings with frost on the ground.

Most worn sweater?

I seem to get a new one every year, but at the moment I’m loving last year’s burgundy knitted sweater from New Look.

Must-have nail polish this fall?

I already mentioned in my Autumn Wishlist that I really want Essie’s Bahama Mama.

Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Leaf piles – it’s so much fun! We used to get in trouble at school for destroying the leaf piles, but they would put them on the paths, not the grass, so everyone had to walk through them anyway!

Skinny jeans or leggings?

Skinny jeans – always, no matter the season, I will be wearing skinny jeans.

What is something that nobody knows about you?

I really struggle to motivate myself to get my work done – I always do it, but it might not be as good as it could have been as I can always find several other things that I could be doing with my time that aren’t really as important!

Combat boots or UGGs?

My combat boots are actually made by UGG – they have a soft fur lining on the sole, but otherwise are just regular boots. I would always pick combat boots over regular UGGs though – I need the support and waterproof-ness.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

As someone who does not like pumpkin, I would say that it isn’t – I just don’t get it; and it’s not a big thing in the UK anyway.

Favourite fall TV show?

Is Supernatural out in autumn? I don’t know cos we get it later in the UK, but I love it anyway. I don’t really watch many TV shows – YouTube and motorsport all the way!

What song really gets you in the fall spirit?

I don’t really know what the ‘Fall Spirit’ is, but I love listening to Halloween-y songs; Ghostbusters (Kasabian’s cover version), Transylvannia (McFly), Zombie (The Pretty Reckless) etc.

I really enjoyed doing this tag and reading other people’s answers!

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x

2nd Lovely Blog Award

Lovely Blog Award

I kinda feel like every other post I write at the moment is an award nomination – I’ve not got enough time to respond to them all! This time, I was nominated for the Lovely Blog Award (again) by Jessica-Anne from The Lawyer Look – I love her blog and you should definitely check it out. I’m so thankful to anyone who nominates me for an award – I still can’t believe that people are actually reading my stuff (as I’ve only been blogging for six weeks!), and I get a thrill from every nomination.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. List the rules and display the award
  3. Add 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 10 – 15 bloggers for the award, and comment on one of their posts to let them know

This time, my seven facts are:

  • I watch a ridiculous amount of gaming videos on YouTube – it’s pretty much all I’ve been doing on my summer holiday, and I check my subscriptions every day 😛
  • I first started wearing makeup on a daily basis in July this year, but I really love it and decided to start this blog to help me to figure out what’s good and to get advice from other bloggers!
  • I love being organised – I’m one of those people who enjoys writing things down in their diary and having things to prepare for.
  • I read books really fast (when the seventh Harry Potter book came out, I got it on the first day and read it in five hours – I was 11).
  • I am addicted to watching Project Runway – I’m so upset that I’ve caught up with real time & now have to wait a week between episodes!
  • My favourite genre to read is sci-fi or fantasy (particularly epic fantasy!) – a fact you can instantly see by looking at my bookcases!
  • My sister and I went to Disneyland on our own this summer – it was awesome and I had such a great time!

My nominations this time are:

Hope you all take part & thanks again to Jessica-Anne for the nomination!

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x

Liebster Award No. 3


Yes, you read that right; I got nominated for the Liebster Award for the third time in a fortnight! This time I was nominated by the lovely Shanygne from Too Much Mouth – I love her blog, and you should definitely check it out!

Again, the rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Provide a link back to their page
  3. Copy & Paste the award to your blog
  4. Answer the questions set by the person who nominated you
  5. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 500 followers
  6. Leave a comment on their blog to inform them of their nomination

And here are my answers:

  1. What is your favourite season? I feel like I may have answered this one before, but I have always loved spring, however now I think I prefer autumn – the weather is drier, and there’s fewer deadlines (and therefore less stress!).
  2. How long have you been blogging? Not very long at all – my blog was created on the 20th of August this year!
  3. What blog post are you most proud of? Probably My Everyday Look – it was my first real post, and I’m amazed at how well it was received by everyone!
  4. Name three accomplishments you have made in your life: I was accepted to my first choice university, I passed Grade 8 singing, and I am a qualified Brownie leader.
  5. What is the worst beauty product you have ever used? I don’t really like slating products, but I was really disappointed by the Revlon Colourstay Smoky Shadow Stick (which I can’t seem to find online anywhere – so it’s probably been discontinued). It was a present from my Mum a few years ago, and it broke as soon as I opened it. The bit that didn’t break was hard to use, and the pigmentation was quite disappointing.
  6. Who or what inspires you? Music. Playing it, singing it, dancing to it, or just listening to it. Finding the right music for the moment can really bring you up; even if it’s sad. The fact that certain songs (e.g. Polly by Nirvana) can help to prevent me from having a panic attack really helps me to get up and carry on.
  7. What is your go-to hairstyle? I’m one of those annoying people with really long, perfectly straight hair. I just have to brush it and I’m good to go. I often put it up in a high ponytail if I think it’s going to get in my way though.
  8. What is your biggest pet peeve? People who think that they’re better than you for whatever reason. A lot of people at my uni come from very privileged backgrounds, and some of them are lovely, but some won’t even talk to you if you didn’t go to private school. It annoys me as we’re all going to end up with degrees from the same uni – our school doesn’t really matter any more.
  9. How often do you wear makeup each week? Generally two or three days – sometimes more if I’m doing more than just my usual volunteering twice a week and then staying in my room all day the rest of the time.
  10. What is your favourite social media platform? Probably Tumblr, even though I haven’t been on it in months, I love how easily it makes me laugh. It’s full of crazy people like me, who are all a little too obsessed with certain things *ahem* MotoGP *ahem*.

This time, my nominations are Wildgloss, Tapestry Taupe, Kassiopia, A Fangirl Life and Classy Chic Zone. Hope you guys have fun answering my questions, which are:

  1. If you could only buy all your friends & family’s Christmas presents from one store this year, where would you choose?
  2. What is your favourite Halloween costume?
  3. What is the best film that you’ve seen this year?
  4. In your opinion, which decade from the last century had the best style?
  5. What is your favourite brand of makeup?
  6. What, in your opinion, is the best thing about blogging?
  7. Do you prefer to watch TV or YouTube? What is your favourite TV programme/YouTube channel?
  8. What is your favourite style of cuisine?
  9. What never fails to make you laugh?
  10. What is your all-time favourite song?

Thanks again to Shanygne for nominating me!

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x

Fudge Urban Styling Products | Review

Fudge Urban is a company that makes awesome hair styling products – from hairspray to wax and temporary colour sprays – and I absolutely love them! The packaging was what originally attracted me to them; it is eye catching and different, and instead of buying straight away, I went and researched the company and their products online. I currently own three products, the Sea Salt Texturising Spray, Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray, and Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Styling Mousse.

Sea Salt Spray, Hairspray, Styling Mousse

Sea Salt Spray, Hairspray, Styling Mousse

Sea Salt Texturising Spray (£7.29)

This is the first product I bought from Fudge Urban – I was looking for a Sea Salt spray after my sister told me about them and I’d had a go with hers. This really jumped out at me, and I’m so happy with it. It takes a fair bit of product to actually give a lot of texture, but it smells great, and lasts a long time (even in my super-thick hair!).

Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray (£5.29)

The newest addition to my Fudge Urban collection (see my Boots Mini-Haul), this is not the strongest-hold hairspray that Fudge Urban produces, but it is enough for everyday wear. It smells great (I love this scent so much!) and holds hair in place all day. It also has anti-frizz properties, and does not make your hair too hard once applied.

Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Styling Mousse (£6.29)

This mousse provides anti-frizz and heat protection for your hair; hence it is the perfect styling product. A little bit of product goes a long way (which is great if you have thick hair like me!), and it holds the style all day. Admittedly this one works significantly better if you use it on just-washed hair, but it can help to style dry hair as well.

I really love these products, and I would love to get more from this brand – maybe step outside my comfort zone and use some coloured hair chalk or something?

What styling products would you recommend?

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x