Ciaté Nail Polish | Review

Several months ago, I never wore nail polish – I didn’t really see the appeal, and I was terrible at putting it on. The only polish I owned was clear, and I used it to stop holes in my ballet tights from laddering. Then I received three Ciaté polishes as a gift from a friend, and now I do wear it quite a bit.

The colours I received were London Baby, Chinchilla, and Mistress. Each polish costs £9.00, or you can buy these three together for £20.00 in the Nail Taxi Collection.

London Baby, Chinchilla & Mistress

London Baby, Chinchilla & Mistress

London Baby is the one that I have used least – it is pretty much just silver sparkles. It can look nice over another colour, or as something for a bit of extra sparkle for a special event, but I often leave my nail polish on for a few days, and I get a bit irritated with the sparkles all the time. It is also quite difficult to get off as the sparkles just get all over your hands.

London Baby

London Baby

Chinchilla is my favourite of the three – blue is my favourite colour, and it’s such a lovely pale shade. It is perfect for wearing during the week, with pretty much any outfit. It looks classy and sophisticated and I love it! (Although I have no idea why it is called Chinchilla.)



Mistress is also a great colour – it just jumps right out at you. Perfect for giving you a little bit of kick-ass confidence if you need it! The only negative about this one is that the mixture is a little bit watery, hence you need to do quite a few coats to get a good amount of colour.



All in all, I really love these polishes – and I love that they have ignited my love for painting my nails (even if I don’t do it that often). I am seriously considering buying a few more colours – even though they are slightly more expensive than some brands, I love the quality that they have, and the packaging is so cute!

What brands of nail polish would you recommend I try?

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x


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