EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set | Review

EcoTools is a company that produces eco-conscious beauty products, including bamboo-handled, 100% cruelty-free brushes. Bamboo is an incredible resource that can be used in the manufacture of all sorts of products – I even have a pair of socks that are 75% bamboo! It also grows incredibly fast, so is much more sustainable than other types of wood. This is what attracted me to EcoTools as a company to begin with.


I was looking for some eye-makeup brushes, and found this set in Boots for only £6.99 (environmentally conscious and affordable!). The ends (l-r, top brush first) are labelled as follows: blend, smudge, define, shade. Each end is specifically tailored to its task, and the variety of these really allows you to create any look that you want.

I love the simple appearance of the brushes, and the way that they feel on my skin – I’ve never really used any proper brushes for my eye makeup before (apart from the one in my Naked palette), and they are so soft and apply the makeup really smoothly.

I probably use the shade brush the most, as it is the most multipurpose and would be used for any look, but I also love the blend brush – I think it is brilliant! The define brush actually works well as a brow brush as well (I don’t have one of those, so I decided to try this method, and I like the effect it gives).

Part of me does like that they are double-ended; it means that I have more space for more brushes, but it does make it more difficult to store them in my brush pot, and letting the bristles dry when I’ve washed them is quite a challenge.

All in all, I would really recommend these as a cheap, eco-friendly, good-value brushes to anyone!

What brushes do you like using?

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x


3 thoughts on “EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set | Review

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