August Favourites

August has been a lovely summery month (although that seems a distant memory to me as I am sat here writing this post on a rainy Bank Holiday Monday), and many of my favourites from the month reflect this.



I’ve already mentioned a couple of these in My Everyday Look post, but I think that the MAC Lustre Lipstick in See Sheer and the Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer are very summery and I will continue wearing them occasionally to remind me of the sun! Another Bourjois product that I loved this month was their Little Round Pot Blusher in 74 Rose Ambré (£7.99) – I’m not usually a blusher girl, but this one is very natural and I love the colour, the only negative is that the brush it comes with is useless. Finally, I have been wearing Essie Nail Lacquer 88 Liquorice (£7.99) nearly every day this month – black is one of my favourite colours, and I feel that wearing it as a nail polish is a nice way to get it into a look as it goes with everything!


The album I can’t stop listening to is Cavalier Youth by You Me At Six; I’ve loved them for years and this album is their best one yet, I particularly love ‘Fresh Start Fever’ – although that may be because of all the motorbikes in the music video! The song that I have played every day this month is ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac – I know it’s an old song, but it has one of the best bass lines ever written, and is the theme tune for Formula 1 on BBC (just another reason to love it!).


My purchase of the month is my Nirvana t-shirt from H&M – I don’t normally buy clothes from there unless it’s for work, but I am a sucker for band t-shirts, and I’ve wanted a Nirvana one for ages. It was a bit of an impulse buy, but I love it!


My book of the month is The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. It’s been out for quite a few years now, and is the first in an amazing trilogy that I re-read this month. It’s dystopian fantasy meets science fiction – a frontier town full of men on an alien planet ready to set off and conquer the rest of the world. A really well-written and interesting read, although slightly terrifying in parts.


Other than the normal motorsport and Great British Bakeoff, this month I have been watching the new season of Ripper Street on BBC – it’s really good and much more intricate than the previous seasons; although it has been a long time since the last season aired, and there was no recap – so I can’t quite remember how everything ended before!

What have you loved this month?

Hope you all have a beautiful day (even if it’s raining!),

Becca x


Maybelline Matte Maker | Review

Recently, I realised that my trusty MUA powder (reviewed here) is not really my skintone – it’s a little bit darker than my natural colour, which is fine in the summer, but as autumn is drawing closer I decided that I needed a new powder.

Unfortunately for me, I already own the lightest shade that MUA make; hence I had to spend a couple of hours looking at which brands make a lighter shade. In the end I decided to buy the new Maybelline Matte Maker pressed powder (shade 10 – Classic Ivory) priced at £3.99.

IMG_20150827_133401 IMG_20150827_133333

I wore it for a full 7 hour shift the other day, and it was amazing. Yes, I did reapply some at lunch, but I always do with powders. It is an almost exact match to my skin tone, and looked so natural. It’s not ridiculously expensive either, something I’m very glad for as I will probably buy this again and again. I still love my MUA powder, but I will only use it during the summer months – it’s just too dark!

What powders would you recommend?

Hope you all have a beautiful day,

Becca x

My Everyday Look

So I thought I’d start off by doing a post about the products that I currently use on a daily basis (although I do make sure to have 1-2 makeup-free days per week as this is good for your skin). I will be doing posts about everything in my makeup drawer at some point, but I thought that this would be a better introduction to what I actually use!

Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser (£1.99)


This is really good for everyday wear if you don’t want to use foundation every day. It’s great value and easy to get hold of, as well as lasting for a long time – I barely need any to get full coverage. It’s available in a range of tones which I particularly like as many cheaper brands don’t make products light enough for my exceptionally pale tone.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19)


Again, this is really good value for money – I use it to minimise the dark circles under my eyes and use another concealer for spots, but you can use this for both. Unlike the tinted moisturiser this is a fairly new addition to my makeup drawer, but it is definitely there to stay.

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer (£17.50)


A much pricier concealer, what I have is not what you would buy in the store – I have a smaller sample with two shades in that came in a kit of Benefit samples, so much better value than it may appear. If you bought this it would be one shade in a larger pot. This is what I use to cover the odd spot on my chin or forehead – the rest I leave to the liquid concealer above. It blends really well, and I can use it without a foundation or tinted moisturiser without it being obvious – which is something that a lot of other products don’t allow me to do (I end up with orange patches all over my face).

MUA Pressed Powder (£1.00)


An absolute bargain, you can see that I have used this product a lot! Gives really good coverage, and reduces the shine on my skin that the tinted moisturiser can sometimes cause. Lasts forever and an amazing product for the price.

Bourjois Paris Maxi Delight Bronzer (£8.99)


This may appear slightly more expensive, but it is huge (and I got it as a free gift anyway). You also don’t need to use much to get a good glow. I never would have thought that I would use bronzer as part of my daily routine, but I absolutely love this and would recommend it to anyone. I have a feeling that it will last for a long time, and I don’t plan on buying any other bronzer in the meantime.

Barry M Kohl Eye Pencil in black (£2.99)


I have had this eyeliner forever. It is testament to how good it is that it is still available to buy new ones! I don’t like thin eye pencils – I like ones that smudge slightly and really define my eyes. This is perfect for what I want, and I sometimes wear it even if I’m not leaving the house.

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette (£38.00)

IMG_1052 IMG_1053

This is a lot more expensive than anything else on this list – but I’ve had it for over two years, and I think that everyone has heard about how great this palette is. On a day-to-day basis I only use Sin – it pretty much matches my skin tone, just gives a bit of a shimmer to my eyes. I love the versatility of this palette, and the range of shades that it has. Yes it is pricey, but a great investment.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in See Sheer (£15.50)


The newest addition to my makeup drawer, my first MAC lipstick. I don’t have many (this is actually my third lipstick), but this has become my go-to colour as it is not too bright for day-to-day use, but it is a reddish shade – which is what I prefer to wear in the daytime (as I think pink washes me out in the light).

And here’s the finished look:


Hope you guys all have a beautiful day!

Becca x

Here We Go…

So, my first ever blog post.

I suppose it should be insightful, or exciting, or different, or…. something?

I don’t really know I suppose.

This doesn’t look like it’s getting off to a good start, does it?

Maybe I should make it really simple and just introduce myself.

But that’s a bit boring really, and you can find out a bit on my about page anyway.

I started this blog as a personal thing, not a diary, but just stuff that I like – mainly makeup, but music, books, TV, Motorsport, film, and video games as well – and what I like about them. I guess I just like writing; I definitely find it easier than talking to people. Also, this way I can have something besides my university work to be researching – I find that I work better if I have something else going on.

I also have a passion for making clothes (both for my sister and myself), although I don’t take my sewing machine to university with me. But I will post pictures of the garments that I make, after all it would be nice to get feedback on them!

I would love it if people commented on my stuff, or just contacted me – I really enjoy getting to know people who share my interests, and I figure that this would be a great way to do that.

Thanks for reading,

Becca x